• Scope of Services
  • Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • Long-term Support Services

    Services Provided to Participants
    ResCare Premier Texas provides post-acute, community-based residential rehabilitation and supported living services for persons with brain injury and other neurological impairments. Services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Programs are located in rural or community settings and offer a warm atmosphere and continuous opportunities for learning. We incorporate traditional therapies into functional, community-based skill training. Services focus on functional areas such as self-care, safety awareness, completing household tasks, judgment, problem solving, community integration, and social relationships. Participants have the opportunity to live in the community and enhance the skills needed to achieve maximum independence. Supervision, assistant, and protection are provided to meet the specific needs of our participants.

    Services Provided Family/Support System
    Participants' families and support systems are an integral part of the goal planning and treatment process at ResCare Premier Texas. Input and participation in all aspect of the program is encouraged. Communication patterns are established to meet the needs of the participant and family and usually include at least weekly phone contacts and quarterly written reports. Training specific to the participants' areas of need is provided. Referrals are made to community support groups and other services as needed.

    Intended Discharge Environments
    Every effort is made to secure an appropriate discharge site based upon the participant, family, case manager, funder, and treatment team's recommend-ations. These sites may include but are not limited to: participant or family home, group home, or apartment located in the city of choice or near the family, if requested and available. Discharge plans are discussed at the time of admission and continually reviewed to ensure a successful transition. Visits to the intended discharge site are incorporated into the treatment plan if feasible. For persons requiring long-term support following acquired brain injury, ResCare Premier Texas may be a home away from home indefinitely.

    Funding Sources
    ResCare Premier Texas is funded by private health insurance, automobile insurance, Auto No Fault, Worker's Compensation, the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and private funds.

    Participants Served

    ResCare Premier Texas generally serves adults (16 and 17 year olds will be assessed on an individual basis).

    ResCare Premier Texas is dedicated to serving individuals with acquired brain injury and other neurological impairments.

    Functional Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas addresses a wide range of physical, cognitive, and behavioral needs from basic life skills such as self-care and safety to more advanced skills such as money management and pre-vocational skills. The treatment milieu is specifically designed to enhance the development of functional skills. Consistent and meaningful activities are incorporated into the daily schedule and every activity has a therapeutic purpose.

    Behavioral Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers an array of services to persons with behavioral challenges due to brain injury. The interventions most used are program structure, environment modifications, reinforcement programs, individual behavior plans, counseling, and/or medication management. These interventions occur in secure but not locked environments. Individual behavior plans are developed with input from the participant, family/support system, funder and treatment team and focus on the acquisition and reinforcement of positive behavioral skills.

    Physical Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers services to meet a range of physical needs, including relatively acute needs such as improving mobility and range of motion to maintenance of physical well being through fitness programming. These needs are addressed through therapies, home exercise programs, and participation in community activity centers and gyms.

    Cognitive Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers services to meet a range of cognitive needs, from severe impairments such as profound short-term memory impairments to more subtle impairments such as problems with pragmatic skills and executive functioning. Cognitive functioning skills are enhanced through repetition, consistency, and acquisition of compensatory strategies. These tools are incorporated into the participant's daily routine.

    Psychosocial Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers services to meet the psychosocial needs of participants including adjustment to functional limitations, changes in relationships, and changes in home and work environments. Participants are encouraged to maintain relationships and build new relationships. Referrals are made for individual or group counseling, as needed.

    Vocational Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers services to address pre-vocational skills as well as offers support in seeking vocational training programs. Based on individual need, assistance will be given in securing placement in volunteer positions, sheltered workshops, or competitive employment. Job coaching may be available.

    Educational Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers to participants and families/support systems education on acquired brain injury and its consequences. Additional services, such as preparation for and assistance with GED, community classes, and college level coursework, are provided as needed.

    Leisure and Recreational Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas programs offer services to meet a variety of leisure and recreational needs. The focus is on promoting community reintegration and socialization. Venues include movies, restaurants, libraries, community centers, city parks, bowling alleys, sporting venues, etc. Opportunities are provided to address individual recreational interests as well.

    ResCare Premier Texas is sensitive to individual cultural influences and provides fair and respectful treatment of all participants. Cultural issues such as language, values, and attitudes are incorporated into treatment planning and cultural diversity is respected. Arrangements may be made to attend cultural events per the participants' individual interest and every effort is made to honor holidays, religious celebrations, family traditions, etc. to acknowledge the cultural background of participants.

    Spiritual Needs
    ResCare Premier Texas offers opportunities for participants to engage in activities to address their spiritual needs. Participants who chose regularly attend religious services and activities of their choice.

    Predicted outcomes
    The predicted outcomes of ResCare Premier Texas participants are determined on an individual basis. Outcome Goals are personalized and daily activities are derived from these goals and participant preferences. Progress toward achievement of goals is monitored closely and adjustments are made in the treatment program to ensure that the participant has every opportunity to meet his/her goals and objectives. In Residential Rehabilitation predicted outcomes generally focus on reduction of activity limitations and increasing independence. For participants in Supported Living, predicted outcomes focus on the maintenance of previous gains and support the acquisition of new skills, all the while emphasizing quality of life.

    Medical acuity
    ResCare Premier Texas offers post-acute services and manages medical issues associated with this portion of the continuum of care. Participants admitted to ResCare Premier Texas are not in need of continuous nursing care.

    Medical Stability
    ResCare Premier Texas participants must be medically stable in order to qualify for admission. Should a participant become medically unstable, a transfer to the most appropriate setting to address the acute medical needs will be arranged.

    Community integration
    Community integration is a primary focus of ResCare Premier Texas. Community activities are incorporated into the daily programming schedule based on the participants' abilities, needs, and preferences.

    Mental health issues
    ResCare Premier Texas evaluates the ability to meet the needs of individuals with dual diagnoses of neurological disorders and psychiatric/mental health issues on a case-by-case basis. Participants who are a severe immediate danger to themselves or others will be referred to alternative treatment programs.

    Chemical use/abuse/dependency issues
    ResCare Premier Texas evaluates the ability to meet the needs of individuals with dual diagnoses of neurological disorders and chemical dependency issues on a case-by-case basis. Attendance at AA and/or NA or alternative support groups or treatment programs is encouraged for participants with a history of chemical dependency issues. Participants who are actively involved in drug or alcohol abuse will be referred to alternative treatment programs.



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